Want to Know More About the T Shirt Quilt?

A t shirt quilt is made from the old shirts that you saved because they represented a particular day or activity you really enjoyed. They are usually extremely comfortable cotton blends that are perfect for making a warm blanket. Their stretchiness poses an issue, but a professional quilter knows to use stabilizer material to get accurate measurements and retain shape while sewing. There are several methods of putting together a T-shirt quilt, beginning with simple patterns to those that appear much more complicated. You can determine your skill level if you are putting the quilt together yourself. Otherwise, call a quilting company and describe the pattern you would like, and they will quote the project based on the size and complexity.

Find and select the T-shirts that would work best in your quilt. Think about the dimensions of the blanket and the size of the blocks being assembled. You will mark and measure your shirts with a seam allowance in mind before cutting them. You can also send them to the quilt company and have them take care of this for you. They will press them and lay them out to get the best look for the colors and theme you have chosen.A capable quilting professional will offer the maximum quality at the best prices for your custom design. They will make suggestions to keep your costs in line with your budget. The t shirt quilt is treated with care during the entire process because they know the sentimental value you place on it.

You may have many shirts to pick from and be able to do a double-sided quilt. If not, you can find some fabric to use as a backing material. It may match the fabric you’ve chosen to do the border. If you’ve got fewer shirts, it is possible to put plain fabric in some blocks. You can experiment with the layout of the pattern and individual t shirt positioning. Whether you’ve been saving your child’s t shirts since they were born or just for the previous few years, the t shirt quilt may be a great gift for a high school senior or college graduate. They preserve memories for those who have passed and keep stories about your life.

If you are prepared to stitch your quilt, you probably have the tools and equipment to do it. For a beginner, you can go to the online quilting website to get tools, fabric, patterns, and advice on the best sewing machines.However, you can save time and money by obtaining help from somebody else. Professional companies like MemoryStitch have professionals to machine the quilt for you. They will consult with you about the number of shirts you have, the size of your project, your ideal placement, backing, and border options, as well as patterns. After giving a quote and timeframe, they take a deposit, and you ship out your t shirts. If you want a superior quilt, they are a phone call away.